Wednesday, 12 March 2014

University can feel quite far away...

Although choosing which university you will study at is one of the biggest decisions you will make in life, there are other decisions surrounding this important one which will have a big influence on your life at Uni and these other decisions can have a big impact on your life.

One of the main choices you will have to make, after deciding on which University to study at, is where you will live whilst studying. There are several options open to you as a student. The obvious initial choice is perhaps University Halls. This is a great way to start student life it is a brilliant way to make friends and meet potential future housemates for when you decide in the future to move to privately rented accommodation. The great thing about Halls is that they are managed by the University; there is no need to be concerned with Landlords and bills as you pay one sum for your rent and bills inclusive whilst living in halls. You will be provided with a room with en-suite and communal areas for kitchens and laundry. There will be fridges and a freezer and oven, but you will need to provide pots, plates, cutlery and other kitchen equipment. It is worth considering, however, that you don’t get to choose who you live with! Don’t forget that there is no guarantee that you won’t have complete party animal neighbours and you may be drawn unwittingly into this lifestyle! You also need to consider that when a lot of students live in a small space the noise and mess is likely to be quite obvious and difficult to avoid. There will be parties and odd behaviour and students often don’t take great care of their surroundings – so consider that you will need to be comfortable living alongside this behaviour if you decide to move into halls. Living in halls is a gentler introduction to living outside of the home, and doesn’t throw you quite as far into the deep end as some of the alternatives for student living.

Moving into privately rented accommodation leaves you needing to arrange a contract with a Landlord and you will be responsible for ensuring your bills are paid for gas, electricity, water etc. If you are moving to a new area to go to University, you will not necessarily know anyone in the area so arranging a joint contract will be difficult. If the Landlord arranges all tenants and you are each jointly responsibly for the house, what happens if one of them causes some damage and won’t take responsibility? Remember that you will not know these people before entering into an agreement with them and then living alongside them! If one of them refuses to pay the electricity bill then how will you go about sorting the situation? You will need to be confident in managing a home and discussing concerns directly with the Landlord – if something needs repairing, you will contact them or the property management agency to arrange this.

If your family home is near to your university, living at home with your parents may be an option? The benefits involve food and a clean house, no noisy neighbours and of course a taxi service built in! It is also a lot cheaper. But consider that there may be boundaries alongside your free accommodation, including limitations on partying. Ultimately you will need to respect your family rules and this can limit the freedom you will have as a student.

Whichever option you choose, there will be more information available to you directly from your University and there will be student advisors who can talk through the pros and cons of each option to consider which option is most suitable for your requirements. Keep an open mind – this is all a new experience and there is a lot to learn along the way. You could also talk to local lettings agents to see which options are open to you; there will usually be an approved list of agents available from your university with trusted landlords.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Gorgeous Uni rooms for hire. But Where Why How?

While you study abroad, you may need accommodation. As a student, you are going to need to have a place for rest and recreation. Most of us understand that as a student you can't afford luxury places to stay. The demand for low cost student lodging is on the rise in the United Kingdom. In the event you wish to keep a while within the United Kingdom, you will need to seek more affordable lodging. Superior accommodations which can be affordable will usually remain in demand. Persons with capital can afford to pay for costly private homes. Students are normally on a smaller price range. Money is just not quick to come by for students. If you are searching for rooms for rent, you will have several alternatives to select from within the United Kingdom. Have you ever tried sharing accommodation with good friends? Youth hostels are an amazing solution to live. Undergraduate students may well live is particular dorms. You'll find unique hostels which can be particularly made for students only. Within the UK, you can pick from a variety of inexpensive as well as high-priced accommodations. You could even decide to live with ordinary people. People who prefer to rent out rooms commonly permit students to rent a element of their houses. It really is hassle-free to reside with other families as you could have the convenience of bed and breakfast. You might discover pricey lodging in huge cities. Huge cities similar to Birmingham are just too highly-priced for students. Students who take up courses in the United Kingdom choose to reside inside the sizeable cities. More affordable accommodations usually are not often bad. One ought to understand that one of the most expensive accommodations usually are not necessarily the finest. It truly is organic to think about accommodation when thinking about studying abroad. There can be plenty of student lodgings nevertheless it would be wise to plan ahead. Due to the fact the student population is on the rise you should ensure that, you go in early. Students from distinct parts in the globe come to study in the United Kingdom. Students from distinct parts in the globe flock to universities in the United Kingdom. It really is a lot easier to study within the United Kingdom as English is spoken worldwide. Most parents will discover that they have to pay a whole lot additional when they send their children to study in the United Kingdom. The very first thing you need is food and accommodation within the UK. Have you ever noticed how expensive cities for example London are for students? It can be a troublesome process seeking for low cost lodgings in the UK. In the event you wish to study within the UK, you must have student visa. You'll will need an more perform permit to function inside the UK. Studying and operating inside the UK can be excellent exciting. Studying in the UK can be a dream for a lot of. It could be great for your career to have a college degree from a reputed British school. You're sure to discover great employment immediately after finishing one from the professional courses in the UK. It is possible to get admission in any one of those respected educational institutions. Foreign students are normally in pursuit of admission from one with the reputable colleges in the United Kingdom. These students seek admissions within the perfect colleges within the United Kingdom. Young women and men who study within the UK understand that they've a huge chance to do well in life. Studying within the United Kingdom is excellent if you have the most effective rooms. You will find colleges that offer cheap student rooms.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Whats with the crazy shoes!!

Well I thought it was just girls who had an unhealthy obsession with shoes, handbags and cake, but it seems I was mistaken! I was sauntering through Nottingham city centre earlier today in an area known as Trinity Square. Here there is a big new student accommodation complex and I couldn’t help but notice there appears to be a new breed of young men circling the area. They’ve done away with the skinny jeans, big hair has had it’s day, it is now all about the shoes. And as my grandma god rest her soul used to say, you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. Well grandma, get your dentures round this bunch!

The first guy I clocked stepping out from his student accommodation was rocking the old school converse. Not so long ago any self respecting student would have purchased a shiny new pair of converse allstars on the first day of term and quite happily have worn them for the duration. Be it 3 years, 5 years or the rest of their lives. Converse however, were only truly cool when the soles were flapping, the laces were in a permanent knot and the original colour was completely undetectable. These kind of students do still exist, but they are few and far between as new trends creep in and steal the converse crown. students these days are far more into style and fashion than those of yesteryear and living the look is everything.

Guy number two. Sandals!! Ok the weather is fine but it ain’t exactly baking and in my opinion men should only wear sandals in extreme heat or on holiday far from home. I could see his hairy toes...yuck!! I mean he could have shaved right?? Or is that even more cringey? I guess it takes a fair amount of confidence for a bloke to wear sandals so credit where credits due but i’m sorry, they do nothing for me.

Now students love to plead poverty, and one thing I do know is that student accommodation in Nottingham, particularly these fancy new apartments with all mod cons do not come cheap. So can someone explain to me how they can afford to walk around in a pair of top of the range designer brogues like guy number three? You can get them shiny or matt, leather or suede but his were leopard print for heavens sake! I am sure you couldn’t land a pair of hose beauties for less than eighty quid at least. As for the guy who was wearing them, well he checked his reflection in every shop window he passed, enough said.

I saw chilled out loafers on a studious looking chap. Retro style baseball boots on an 80’s throwback, and most confusing of all a guy with no shoes on at all! Honestly, he walked straight out of the door of the student property in Nottingham and off he trotted up the high street as if it was the most normal thing ever...fully dressed but with no shoes, no socks nothing at all on his feet. I doubt anyone else noticed, just me with my sudden interest in mens footwear.
In conclusion I have confirmed that Grandma was right, you really can tell a lot about a man from the shoes on his feet.